Northern California’s Largest Cannabis Extraction Company Expands and Doubles Production

Procan Production Equipment

(Oct 29, 2019) Concord, CA – Procan Labs recently moved into a new 23,000 square foot, state-of-the-art processing and manufacturing facility to keep up with California’s growing cannabis industry. Cannabis sales are up 23% over last year and are expected to top $3.1 billion in sales in 2019 making California the largest cannabis market in the world.   

This rapid growth creates high production demands for Terpenes, Distillates, and Oils needed to produce various consumer products. Procan Labs invested over $8 million dollars to keep up with this demand. Procan’s distillation equipment is similar to that used by oil companies which means Procan can produce larger quantities while maintaining quality. Purity in the extraction process is what creates the aroma, flavor, and quality of the various CBD and THC products on the market. Procan Labs tests the Terpenes, Distillates, and Oils that are produced in the facility. All tests are conducted by a third party. 

“We produce double the output of most of our competitors while maintaining consistent quality. Our proprietary Cold-Pressed food-grade ethanol-based process produces up to 95% potency,” said Mark Unterback, CEO of Procan Labs. “California manufacturers know that our Terpenes, Distillates, and Oils are the highest quality they can use in their products. Our Terpenes and extracts are used in manufacturing lotions, foods, beverages and a number of other products,” he added.   

As California is now the largest cannabis industry in the world, Procan Labs continues to work with growers to maximize product yields from plants and manufacturers to customize extraction needs for consumer products. 
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