Procan Labs Predicts Positive Trends for the California Cannabis Industry in 2020

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CONCORD, Calif., December 19, 2019 ( – This is another year of double-digit growth in the cannabis industry in California, and Mark Unterbach, CEO of Procan Labs, predicts there will be significant and positive trends in the California cannabis industry next year.

“California growers are becoming more sophisticated with their growing techniques, and I think this will lead to new cannabis strains, which will be customized for future cannabis-infused products.”

Procan Labs, a family-owned, modern cannabis processing and manufacturing facility in California, is a leader in the extraction process, and Unterbach believes technology combined with the growing acceptance of cannabis will keep the industry thriving.

“The cannabis extraction process will continue to evolve as manufacturers demand the best possible potency for what we expect will be a much larger variety of consumer foods and non-alcoholic drink products on the market next year. Our proprietary cold-pressed, food-grade, ethanol-based process produces up to 95% potency,” he added. 

With sales in California expected to top $3.1 billion in sales this year, 23% more than 2018, the diversity of the Cannabis user continues to evolve. “It is likely that older adults, as well as more female customers, will increasingly use cannabis and cannabis-infused products in 2020,” said Max Unterbach, President of Procan Labs. “Medical uses of cannabis continue to increase as an option to relieve pain, which is why older adults are beginning to accept cannabis as an alternative. We anticipate cannabis sales will continue to climb by double-digits again next year, with total sales in California exceeding $3.5 billion.”   

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About Procan Labs

Procan Labs is a family-owned, state-of-the-art cannabis processing and manufacturing facility in Concord, CA. Started in 2016, Procan Labs is one of the largest producers of Terpenes, Distillates, and Oils for cannabis product manufacturers in California. Procan Labs currently operates in a 23,000 square foot modern processing facility.  

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